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About Dr. Chris Brady, DDS


Dr. Brady received his DDS from The University of Texas Dental Branch, Houston, TX. In 1977


West Texas State University, Bachelor of Science in Biology •Accepted early into Dental School

Dr. Brady has operated Brady Dental Group, a Family Dental Practice for over 40 years.
His expertise in “smile makeovers” and full mouth rehabilitation have been utilized by thousands of satisfied patients for decades..

Westcliff Bible Church  

Dr. Chris Brady was born in Claude, Texas in 1952. His parents, Bill and Elizabeth Brady ran a grocery store in Claude. Chris started working sacking groceries, while standing on a milk crate, at the ripe old age of 6. As he got older he learned to run the cash register and care for the produce and refrigerator section. Side note he would spray people with the vegetable mister in the same way he sprays his patients today. One summer he complained he was not making enough money and his dad let him take a job with Cavin Lumber. He had to unload a full box car of creosote posts for the JA Ranch onto a trailer. The temperature that week was well over 100 degrees. He wanted to quit on the first day but his dad said “NO”, “when you sign on to do a job you honor your word with a handshake and complete the job”. So even with the fresh creosote burns on the arms and neck he emptied the box car. He also decided that it would be better to work in the air conditioned grocery store. As a sophomore in high school he again hired out to the Enco Station in the evenings often helping his dad throw in produce rack at six in the morning. He also helped in the meat market. He cut meat and packaged beef, back when you had a hind quarter, a fore quarter hanging in the locker and had to break it down for the customer,  this was long before boxed beef. His education would prove valuable in college.

Dr. Brady’s parents were forced to close the grocery store prior to his junior year of high school. Albertsons had opened in Amarillo and everyone wanted to shop at the large stores. At that time Claude had two grocery stores and both were forced to close within 6 months of each other. His dad had an opportunity to take bankruptcy but his honor, integrity, and character instead had him go to his creditors and promise to repay his debts. He accomplished this and his actions in honoring his words have lived with Dr. Brady to this day. A man's word is his bond. As a Junior, Dr. Brady was picked by Boys State in Austin Texas. While losing the run for LT Governor he was appointed to the state board of dental examiners. Thus begins the dental story.

Dr. Brady had limited finances to attend college in the 1970’s. In fact he was considering joining the Air Force. His uncle, Bill Dunn, suggested he talk with Tom Christian who knew a man in Canyon who might be able to help with school. Dr. Brady then met Mr. Buff Morris, a larger than life figure who helped make his dreams come true. Buff ran the Opportunity Plan in Canyon and made loans to students who had limited means. At that time Dr. Brady more than qualified as his only means of transportation was his 3 speed bicycle. He did not own a car until he met and married Ronnie in 1973.

While attending West Texas State as a pre dental major, Dr. Brady worked for Gallineau brothers who stocked all vending machines on campus. As he was filling candy machines in the old main his eye was captured by a beautiful blonde co-ed. He knew some of the ladies she was with and found out her name and number. He called her and as she did not know him from Adam, he said he was the “Candy Man”. She then knew who he was and they eventually went out on a date. Because he was on a budget with OPI and had limited funds, the date was “dutch”. To this day he buys Snickers for Ronnie, as he never gave her one while working for the Gallineau Brothers and she will not let him forget it.  In 1972 Dr. Brady went to work at Taylor and Sons in Canyon. He worked in the meat department. In November of 1972 Dr. Brady was accepted to dental school. He would be attending the University of Texas Dental Branch in Houston. He was accepted as a junior to the Dental school and would get his degree from West Texas if he had enough hours. He was 6 hours short but he has his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree.

Dr. Brady had asked Ronnie to get married in the summer of 1973. She had said yes but Dr. Brady, with his reasoning, changed his mind and said to Ronnie, let's get married over Christmas in 1972, so we can have 6 months of married life here in Canyon before moving to Houston. She said make it in January and it’s a deal. They were married January 6th 1973.

They took their honeymoon in Ruidoso, New Mexico at Ronnie’s uncle's cabin but they got snowed out (the vast ice storm to hit the area in 30 years) and forced us to stop in Clovis, New Mexico. P.S. They never made it to Ruidoso! They later found out that both Ronnie's parents and grandparents spent their honeymoons in Clovis. In the spring of 1973, while cutting chicken fried steaks, Dr. Brady cut off the tip of his right index finger. He was worried that his dental career was over before it even started. The injury provided some comic relief when, upon receiving a surprise worker’s comp disability check, Ronnie asked if he had any more fingers he could sacrifice to the family budget! He said NO.

Dr. Brady and his wife Ronnie moved to Houston in the summer of 1973. It was a culture shock being a small town couple in a big city.

Ronnie worked at the parking garage in the Medical Center, and Chris also worked there on weekends. School was hard and Dr. Brady thought he was special in getting in after only 3 years of college. God has a sense of humor as 2 of his lab mates had both gotten in after only 2 years of college. He was not as special as he thought. Ronnie went to work for the Environmental Science Center and Dr. Brady worked in the Blood Bank of MD Anderson and in the summer for the maintenance department of the dental school. In the summer of 1976, while working at the dental school, Houston flooded. Dr. Brady picked up Ronnie to head to their apartment 6 miles away, the water was coming in the doors but old blue (a 66 Chevy impala with silicone and duct tape in several locations) kept running. In one location Dr. Brady got out and directed the moving of cars to make a path for emergency vehicles. They picked up many stranded travelers on their way home with the car full of people and riding on the fenders. They were one of the few non flooded vehicles and made the 6 mile trek in 7 hours.

Dr. Brady graduated in 1977 and had several offers in the Panhandle. He wanted a smaller town but Ronnie loved the big city of Houston. They compromised and settled in Amarillo.

Dr. Brady started his practice in the office of Dr. Carter Karr. Dr. Karr was moving to a new office in November of that year and was gracious enough to sell Chris his old office Space. Dr. Karr became a great mentor and helped to further Dr. Brady’s walk with the Lord.

The office was staffed with Ronnie being the receptionist, bookkeeper, assistant and jack of all trades. It was truly a joint family effort. In 1982. Dr. Brady welcomed Dr. Dan Bentley to the practice. They shared office space and expenses for 25 years, all on a hand shake. The location was 2815 Georgia soon became too small so they moved the practice to the current location at 2915 S. Georgia.

In 1980, Dr. Brady and Ronnie were blessed with the birth of their only child Kimberly. The birth of Kimberly brought on a new perspective and Dr. Brady cut his work week down to 4 days a week so he could have daughter day on Fridays. This continued into elementary school, when Dr. Brady was a teacher's aide, middle school he helped in the office and high school in the counseling office on Friday’s. Being involved with family was important as Dr. Brady was a President of the Orchestra and Band Parents during Kimberly’s senior year. This entailed driving a U-Haul truck to Chicago with all of the instruments, while the kids flew. Dedication or Crazy, you decide.

In 2003 Kimberly was accepted into Dental School in Houston. Please read her bio as it includes details about her, our son in law Kent and our granddaughters Bradyn and Riley.

Dr. Brady welcomed Dr. Kimberly Brady Gilbert and Dr. Laura Turner to his practice in 2007. At this time he bought out Dr. Dan Bentley and his practice. Dr. Bentley retired to the Dental School in Houston to teach as a clinical professor and to mentor his daughter who was a student at the dental school.

Dr. Brady has served on many non-profit boards since his return to Amarillo, which included, The High Plains Epilepsy Board, Patsy's Place, Sunshine Cottage, The Opportunity Plan. He has made it a goal to try and give back to the community that has always supported him.  Dr. Brady has built a dental practice from the ground up and is thrilled of living out his dream of practicing dentistry with his daughter, Kimberly Gilbert.

He and his wife, Ronnie are “over the moon” proud of their two granddaughters, Bradyn and Riley. When they’re not at a granddaughter’s activity, you might see them traveling on the road in their motorhome or enjoying the fresh mountain air of Red River, New Mexico.