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About Brady Dental

Brady Dental Group where everyone is family

For over 30 years, Brady Dental Group, has been providing patients of all ages quality dental care with an emphasis on the importance of preventive care.

Brady Dental Group is a family dental practice in Amarillo, Texas. Dr. Chris Brady has been practicing dentistry for over 40 years, and Dr. Kimberly Brady Gilbert, Dr. Brady’s daughter, and Dr. Laura Turner have been practicing with Dr. Brady for 14 years! The staff is welcoming, knowledgeable and passionate about helping all Brady Dental Group’s patients feel right at home. 

Brady Dental Group, with over 75 years of combined experience, enjoys providing quality dental work to Amarillo and the surrounding Texas Panhandle. The practice started with Dr Chris Brady and his wife Ronnie when they opened the practice on July 5, 1977. Dr. Brady provided the dental care and Ronnie did everything else. When the practice first opened, they worked on Fridays, weekends, and in the evenings at Dr. Carter Karr’s office. As the practice grew Dr. Brady had to change location and moved his practice to 2815 S Georgia St and opened full time Monday through Friday. Seven years later in 1985 Dr. Brady, in partnership with Dr. Bentley moved to 2915 S Georgia St, the current location of Brady Dental.

Dr. Brady and Dr. Bentley practiced at the time with a radical new concept of sharing office space and equipment but maintaining two separate practices. They practiced and partnered together on nothing more than a handshake, mutual respect, and most importantly a shared love of the Lord. This continued successfully until 2007 when Dr. Kimberly Brady Gilbert and Dr. Laura Turner graduated from the University of Texas Dental Branch in Houston and joined the practice as associates. At this time Dr. Brady bought out Dr. Bentley and Dr. Bentley moved to Houston where he is a professor at the dental school and practices dentistry with his daughter in College Station two days a week. This is when the practice officially became named Brady Dental Group to incorporate all three dentists. 

In 2015 Dr. Brady decided to slow down, just a bit, and sold the practice to Dr. Gilbert and Dr. Turner. Everything remained the same other than Dr. Brady becoming an associate and getting a kick out of telling people his daughter is his boss. 

Through all this growth and transition, we have maintained that “Our patients are family”, which means we treat our patients like our own family and the way we would want to be treated. Every member of Brady Dental Group believes each patient deserves the best dental care possible and we value the relationships that we build with our patients. With our roots in the Texas panhandle we plan to stay here and continue providing quality dental care to our community as your family owned dental practice. 

When you become a patient at Brady Dental Group you become part of the family.

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