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Dr. Brady at Brady Dental of Amarillo

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Dr. Chris Brady was born in Claude, Texas in 1952. His parents, Bill and Elizabeth Brady ran a grocery store in Claude. Chris started working sacking groceries, while standing on a milk crate, at the ripe old age of 6. As he got older he learned to run the cash register and care for the produce and refrigerator section. Side note he would spray people with the vegetable mister in the same way he sprays his patients today. One summer he complained he was not making enough money and his dad let him take a job with Cavin Lumber. He had to unload a full box car of creosote posts for the JA Ranch onto a trailer. The temperature that week was well over 100 degrees. He wanted to quit on the first day but his dad said “NO”, “when you sign on to do a job you honor your word with a handshake and complete the job”. So even with the fresh creosote burns on the arms and neck he emptied the box car.

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Dr. Gilbert at Brady Dental of Amarillo

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Dr. Gilbert made the decision to become a dentist at the ripe old age of two. Growing up with her dad as a dentist gave Kimberly the opportunity to spend countless hours in the dental office. As a toddler and small child Dr Gilbert would put her teddy bears in the dental chair, don a pair of “Dr” glasses and gloves and proceed to “drill” on her “pts”. Every time she walked into the dental office as a kid Kimberly would stop and take a deep breath and say, “I just love how the dental office smells” and as Dr Gilbert got older she would assist Dr Brady on weekend emergency dental calls. This often lead to Kimberly eating crackers and asking super inappropriate questions like, “Why is there so much blood, Dad?” all the while holding a suction and passing instruments. Needless to say as Dr Gilbert has grown older her questions have grown more appropriate as have her sanitization skills.

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Dr. Turner at Brady Dental of Amarillo

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Dr. Turner became interested in dentistry when she was in braces in highschool. Her orthodontist assistant began to talk to her about what a great field it was for someone who loved science and wanted a career and a family. On a mission trip, when Dr. Turner was a sophomore in college, she realized that being a dentist was truly her dream and would and could be her mission field. Dr. Turner met Dr. Gilbert the first day of dental school orientation and quickly became good friends. They worked, studied, and played together essentially did life together and become more like family. Dr. Turner was more than ecstatic when Dr. Brady and Dr. Gilbert invited her to come and be a part of the Brady Dental Group!

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