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Veneers Brady Dental Amarillo

Dental Veneers are a type of cosmetic covering that is placed over the teeth to improve the appearance of a smile. Brady Dental can determine if dental veneers are the best option to improve the authentic look of a smile and make sure that the right type of veneers are used. Dental veneers can be applied to a patient’s teeth for a variety of reasons, while also giving the patient more confidence to show off their smile. The process for the dental veneer application is simple, and Brady Dental has been trusted in this process by many satisfied patients. 

Brady Dental can assess a patient's smile to make sure that dental veneers are the right choice to upgrade their smile’s appearance. Dental veneers are basically a thin covering that is placed over the surface of the teeth. They look as genuine as real teeth and our patients can trust that their smile will look great. Dental veneers can be composed of certain materials, for example porcelain, to match the color of the surrounding teeth and give an authentic look. Brady Dental can determine how many tooth coverings need to be applied as well. Dental veneers are a more simple solution than a dental crown when a tooth isn’t as damaged or discolored. They are durable and don’t change colors as frequently as natural teeth. Many people who have to get dental veneers are satisfied with them. They can last several years if taken care of properly, and applying new ones after normal wear is just as easy for Brady Dental.

Dental veneers are a great solution to provide a better and brighter smile for patients, but those aren’t the only reasons that they can be applied. Brady Dental may suggest dental veneers if there are chipped teeth and even abnormally-shaped teeth that are visible in a patient’s smile. Some people may have gaps between their teeth, but a covering of dental veneers can provide an even smile which gives the appearance of a natural look in their smile. If teeth whitening isn’t working for a dull or discolored smile, dental veneers can provide the look of whitened teeth as well. Brady Dental has been trusted by many to provide them with dental veneers to boost their confidence in their smile.

Understanding what happens prior to a visit to Brady Dental for dental veneers can help ease any confusion. Once it is determined that their best option to improve a patient’s smile is an application of dental veneers, Brady Dental will go over the steps of the dental veneer service to inform their clients of the typical process. Clients should expect that parts of the existing teeth will be removed to make room for the dental veneers. Once that is done, the dentist can make a mold of the existing tooth or teeth to know how the dental veneer needs to be shaped to be applied. The custom dental veneer will be made in a lab with the correct color that will match with the rest of the teeth. Once the dental veneers are made, they will be applied to the cleaned tooth or teeth.

Many patients have trusted Brady Dental to give them a more beautiful smile. Brady Dental can determine if dental veneers are the best option for you. Many factors can influence the need for dental veneers but Brady Dental will ensure that they are used for the correct reason, and will make the process as simple as possible. Brady Dental will also be available to monitor the veneers and assess any issues that occur after the dental veneers are applied.