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Dental crown procedures have become more and more common practices for restoring damaged teeth as technology has advanced. Over the decades, crowns have become easier to install, and different crown varieties have entered the market. E-Max is one of the most recent additions to the lineup of crown options, offering one of the most realistic-looking tooth replacements available today.

When teeth become damaged or are so decayed that a filling can’t restore all the damage caused by bacteria, a dental crown can be a great choice to restore a functional tooth. Brady Dental of Amarillo is proud to offer the newest technology in dental restoration, the E-Max crown.

What sets E-Max apart?

E-Max crowns are made from a lithium disilicate, which is a glass-ceramic compound. This composition makes it one of the most lightweight crowns on the market, while still being very tough to endure the rigors required of a full-time tooth replacement.

One of the benefits of E-Max crowns is that the material is strong enough to chew foods, yet gentle enough that it is not as prone to damage the neighboring teeth like the more tempered substances of porcelain and zirconia.

E-Max is also one of the most shapeable of all the crown substances in our catalog at Brady Dental, and offers one of the best finishes to resemble the tooth it has replaced. This makes E-Max an exceptional candidate when looking for the right solution to replace front teeth that are a fixture in your most cosmetic feature—your smile!

Something to consider when comparing options is the cost and durability of E-Max. Compared to other crowns, E-Max tends to be more expensive and has one of the shorter shelf lives before replacement is needed. But for patients wanting unmatched cosmetic quality, this crown comes highly recommended.

Why Would I Need a Crown?

Decayed and damaged teeth can quickly become more of a hassle than we first anticipated. Once a tooth becomes compromised, it quickly becomes evident that our usual row of teeth is a highly balanced ecosystem. One small chip in the armor can compromise the whole balance! Fortunately, dental crowns can offer restoration to this balance in several ways:

  1. Removal of the decayed tooth is imperative. Tooth decay that is caused by bacteria requires deliberate and aggressive removal. When it is not treated effectively, bacteria multiplies in the oral environment and can spread to other teeth and gums causing additional cavities and other issues. Crowns are employed where a particular tooth can no longer be preserved by simple fillings.
  2. Crowns preserve surrounding teeth. As mentioned, E-Max crowns are a particularly good candidate when wanting to protect surrounding teeth from abrasive materials. Even so, teeth are not meant to be exposed on every side to foods and the corrosive substances that enter the mouth, and a crown reinforces the walled design of your smile, preserving the teeth around it.
  3. Crowns restore your bite. It’s hard not to notice when an injury or tooth decay makes it more difficult to chew food. Since we do this multiple times each day, chewing is a standard function of the body that we want to keep in top shape. A crown replacement of a damaged tooth will return your bite to form and relieve you of the avoidance habits you may have developed in a once painful area of the mouth.
  4. Restore the look of old teeth. A tooth broken off by mouth trauma doesn’t have to mean you’ll never smile in photos again! Tooth technology has come a long way, and you’ll be amazed at the matching quality that is possible with a new E-Max crown.
  5. Custom-made for you. At Brady Dental of Amarillo, we guarantee your E-Max tooth will be perfectly fitted to your mouth. We recognize that your smile is uniquely your look, and with E-Max crowns, you can be sure to keep it that way!

Your Perfect Smile is a Call Away

Brady Dental of Amarillo is committed to providing the best service from the front desk to the dentist’s chair, and we are proud to offer the most advanced dental services on the market today, like E-Max crowns.

No patient would choose the circumstances that created a need for your teeth to receive a crown replacement, but life happens! The good news is that modern dental solutions can restore the function and the look of teeth that have seen better days. You can get your bite back, get your look back, and get back to the pain-free experience your mouth was made for. Give us a call today, and Brady Dental of Amarillo will make your perfect smile our crowning achievement! (806) 353-6422