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Preventative care, like oral cancer screening, is very beneficial to patients and can be provided by Brady Dental. Oral cancer can be caused by a variety of issues and catching it soon is the ideal way to prevent other risks associated with it. As concerning as oral cancer sounds, Brady Dental will do their best to keep their patients informed and comfortable during the oral cancer screening process. The oral cancer screening process is simple, and Brady Dental will walk their patients through every step of this service. Brady Dental can also offer suggestions to prevent oral cancer as well as promote general mouth health.

Oral cancer screening is a necessity for anyone and everyone. Oral cancer is not as rare as many think, and Brady Dental recommends getting an oral cancer screening at every dental check-up if possible. The Brady Dental dentists know what to look for when screening for oral cancer and can also help determine if their patients are at a higher risk for oral cancer. Things like smoking, chewing tobacco, and alcohol consumption can increase the chances of acquiring oral cancer. Age, gender, and diet can also affect someone's chances of getting oral cancer, but there are also times that oral cancer is detected in those that do not have any risk factors. Brady Dental will focus on their clients and do their best to detect oral cancer for anyone regardless of risk factors.

The oral cancer screening process begins at a regular dental check-up. The dentists at Brady Dental will examine the mouth for any irregularities, such as lumps or discoloration, in the patient’s mouth. Some oral cancer screening processes involve checking for irregular cells with dyes or with a light. If anything unusual is discovered in a patient’s mouth, Brady Dental will then recommend if a portion of the tissue in question needs to be removed for a biopsy. If there is any cause for concern, Brady Dental may refer the patient to an oral surgeon for additional testing. Oral cancer screening may be able to increase the chance of successful treatment, so choosing Brady Dental to perform an oral cancer screening is a smart decision. 

If a patient is concerned about oral cancer, an oral cancer screening is the best way to detect it. Brady Dental can also make recommendations on what to do to prevent it as much as possible. Not only can Brady Dental perform the oral cancer screening in the office, they can also teach their patients how to do self-exams once a month to try to detect any irregularities in their mouth. They will also make recommendations to improve habits to promote a healthy mouth such as quitting tobacco use and discontinuing alcohol consumption. Using sunscreen and avoiding prolonged contact with sunlight can also prevent oral cancer. Patients should let their dentist know if they use tobacco, consume alcohol, or spend time outside without skin protection. Oral cancer screening is a simple and an easy service that requires no preparation by the patient as well. Brady Dental is always staying on top of the research of oral cancer screening, and they act in their patients’ best interest to prevent oral cancer.

Oral cancer is a serious issue. Brady Dental will perform oral cancer screening for their patients to increase the chances of successful treatment if a patient ever develops oral cancer. Different risks can cause oral cancer and Brady Dental is proactive at detecting oral cancer to improve the chances of successful treatment.