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Dentures Brady Dental Amarillo

Dentures become a necessity for many people no matter what age they are. They are removable devices that replace teeth that have been removed or have fallen out. Patients who have to get dentures are able to eat normally, speak normally, and continue to have a full and beautiful smile. Dentures are needed due to many reasons, and Brady Dental can help their patients get exactly what they need.  Different types of dentures are available to people depending on their needs and the condition of any existing natural teeth. Brady Dental can also advise their patients on how to take care of their dentures to extend their longevity, while ensuring that they are satisfied with their dentures.

Many patients experience different reasons that warrant the need for dentures. They can be used to restore smiles after a patient experiences tooth loss. Dentures aren’t exclusively for those who have lost their teeth at older ages. People of all ages have experienced certain issues that can be fixed with dentures. Tooth decay can cause teeth to fall out and or need to be pulled, and certain diseases like gum disease can eventually lead to the loss of multiple teeth. Physical damage from trauma can cause teeth to fall out, or even have to be removed from the mouth if irreversible damage happens. Brady Dental can assess the extent of the tooth loss in the dental office and determine if dentures are the best option for their patient. 

Dentures are made with several different types of materials that are safe for mouths. The gums of the dentures are typically made with an acrylic base and metal if needed. The tooth material is usually made from porcelain or a resin composite. Dentures can come as a full set or just a partial set. Brady Dental will check to see what their patient needs to have a functional set of teeth to be able to eat, speak, and smile properly. If a full set of dentures is needed, they will be made and adjusted to fit the top and bottom gums of the patient comfortably. If the patient just needs partial dentures they can be made to fit with existing teeth, whether by connecting to the natural teeth or by snapping them into place with an implant to hold them in securely. Regardless of the type of dentures needed, Brady Dental will ensure that they will be functional for their patients, look natural, and boost the appearance of their smiles.

Once a patient has received their permanent dentures, Brady Dental will go over all of the after-care routines to prolong the life of the dentures and to avoid future dental problems. Patients will be guided through the process of good denture hygiene, such as brushing, rinsing after eating, and how to store them. Brushing the dentures will prevent premature staining. It will also be recommended that clients brush not only their existing teeth if applicable, but also their gums, tongue, roof of the mouth, and cheeks to prevent future oral issues. Brady Dental will recommend the proper way to store the dentures as well as schedule regular check-ups to ensure that the mouth is still healthy and that the dentures fit correctly. 

Whatever the reason may be that a patient needs dentures, Brady Dental will ensure that it is the most beneficial solution to help give them a great smile as well as optimal functionality. Many people are satisfied with Brady Dental after receiving their dentures and additional dental care. Brady Dental has been trusted by patients to provide their care for denture recommendations, denture application, and the after-care process for many years.