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Teeth can break down for a variety of reasons including tooth decay, injury, and aging. In the event that a large portion of a tooth is compromised, it can often be remedied by a crown—a cap that is custom shaped and fixed to the original root of a damaged tooth that has been reshaped by your dentist. One of the more recent additions to the dental crown lineup at Brady Dental of Amarillo is zirconia crowns. For the patient with a heavy bite, zirconia might fit just right.

If a damaged tooth is causing you to worry that your smile will never be the same, we’ve got some great news for you! Brady Dental of Amarillo is proud to offer superior dental crown services, including a variety of crown alternatives from zirconia to porcelain, metal alloy, and E-Max that will have you right back in your old smile in no time.

What is a Zirconia Crown?

Zirconia crown is made up of zirconium dioxide, which is a white powdered ceramic material that has a translucent opal sheen resembling that of natural teeth. Because of its ceramic composition, zirconia makes for an incredibly strong crown. This dental alternative was introduced around 2010 and has become a popular crown solution because of its strength and longevity. Each zirconia tooth is custom crafted from solid blocks of material that are shaped in a 3D printing process, and made to match color and natural tooth shape.

Choosing the Right Crown

Every person has different characteristics regarding how they use their teeth, whether consciously or subconsciously. A heavy bite or grinding teeth isn’t always something people do on purpose, but it affects the durability of teeth and the shape of the bite. When it comes to crowns, your dentists at Brady Dental of Amarillo always encourage patients to understand their dental habits and care routines when selecting the right crown.

Here are some factors to consider when determining which crown will best fit your long-term needs:

  • How durable is the crown?
  • What is the cost compared to other crowns?
  • Can the crown be matched exactly to the color of neighboring teeth?
  • What kind of dental habits would compromise the crown?
  • How many years can the crown function before needing replacement?

Unique Qualities of Zirconia

When it comes to zirconia crowns, there are some obvious advantages and drawbacks to a list like the one we just read. Every composition of crown will have pros and cons, but any of them will be a much better alternative to a decayed, damaged, and painful tooth!

Advantages of zirconia: These crowns are some of the most durable options on the market, and are ideal for patients who have a heavy bite. This will also lend to a longer lasting crown, as zirconia is less prone to wear down over time versus other alternatives.

Drawbacks of zirconia: The appearance of zirconia is naturally very close to many teeth, but because everyone’s smile tint is not identical, zirconia does not always produce the natural finish that every patient requires. It also is a very strong ceramic and can wear down neighboring teeth over time.

Of course, if you have questions about whether zirconia is the right choice for you, our team at Brady Dental of Amarillo is here to provide guidance and help you weigh out alternative solutions.

Reason to Keep Smiling

If you are needing a crown that has the strength of metal and the aesthetic of porcelain, a zirconia crown may be the perfect fit for you. Our team at Brady Dental of Amarillo is committed to delivering the perfect crown options for our customer’s needs, and we can provide as much direction as you require while selecting the material that fits your budget and your smile.

Don’t let tooth decay hold you back another day. Brady Dental has the perfect crown solutions to have you feeling like a king (or queen!) in your brand-new smile. Call us today and we’ll get your appointment set with our friendly and experienced team of dentists. You’re in the right hands with Brady Dental. (806) 353-6422