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Cervitec Plus Brady Dental Amarillo

Suffering from sensitive teeth to hot or cold?  Do you have exposed tooth root surfaces due to surgery? Is there bacterial activity on the surface of your teeth?  Brady Dental has the solution for you. Cervitec Plus is a varnish system that is an easy-to-use product that can benefit a variety of patients.  When you visit Brady Dental, one of the options for your dental or cervical hypersensitivity, whether localized or generalized, is a varnish that can restore your oral needs back to that winning smile.

Cervitec Plus is a varnish for professional protection of teeth.  The protective varnish containing chlorhexidine and thymol protects teeth, exposed root surfaces and high-quality restorations.  This varnish system allows you to selectively control the germs in your mouth and reduce the caries risk factor.  Cervitec Plus also helps to maintain the quality of your teeth and restorations for a long time.

The dentists at Brady Dental have found that Cervitec Plus is ideal for use after temporary restoration placement, root canals or any area that is susceptible to cavities. Cervitec Plus is also useful with implants, crowns and bridges or around braces to prevent white spot wounds. It can also be an excellent choice for patients who suffer from sensitive teeth.

Cervitec Plus, found at Brady Dental of Amarillo, is a varnish that contains a combination of the active ingredients, chlorhexidine and thymol. Chlorhexidine diacetate is an antimicrobial that has long been used in dentistry to reduce bacteria known to be the source of plaque formation and cavities. Thymol, taken from the oil of thyme, is a common ingredient found in oral mouth rinses because of its antiseptic characteristics.

The varnish component of Cervitec Plus is dissolved into a neutral mixture of ethanol and water, making it hold up easier to moisture during the application. Once the experts at Brady Dental have applied the varnish and it has dried, it contains approximately 10% of chlorhexidine and 10% of thymol. Thymol is also effective against fungus, like yeasts. It is successful based on its ability to denature proteins and destruct cell membranes.

Cervitec Plus does not stain, cause taste impairment, or increase calculus build-up like chlorhexidine gluconate rinses sometimes do. Therefore, it does not inhibit healing and attachment of orthodontic appliances. And apart from chlorhexidine, Cervitec Plus gel contains fluoride, which strengthens natural teeth and protects them from cavities.

Cervitec Plus is simple to apply precisely where it is needed. After the areas to be treated have been isolated and dried, the professionals at Brady Dental Group can apply the varnish with the applicator brush and then disperse with air and allow the area to dry. The varnish dries clear, so there is no esthetic concern for the patient heading into public when they leave the office. Cervitec Plus will need time to dry so the patient should not eat, rinse or drink for one hour after application.

Some uncommon features of Cervitec Plus include a wide variety of uses because of the antimicrobial properties and the fact that after the varnish has been applied and it has finished drying completely, the concentration of chlorhexidine and thymol increases to 10% from 1%. Also, a patient of Brady Dental can expect low film thickness and clear appearance on the teeth that are being treated.

In studies where Cervitec Plus was used in children 11-15 years old with a high risk of cavities, the children that were treated with Cervitec Plus showed a statistically significant reduction in the amount of bacteria over those who were treated with a sodium fluoride gel or those who used fluoride containing toothpaste. Cervitec Plus has also been found to be effective on very young children as old as one year in reducing cavities.

With age, the prevalence of root caries increases due to gingival recession. Also, issues of periodontal disease, traumatic occlusion, as well as use of medications that reduce the amount and quality of salivary flow become a problem. Cervitec Plus is effective in reducing the number of lesions and root caries in senior adults, including those with extended crowns and other dental work. The dentist at Brady Dental can help control these issues and more.

Cervitec Plus is an excellent alternative that can be used for patients of all ages. Another benefit of using Cervitec Plus at Brady Dental Group is that it is applied precisely where it is needed and is a quick and easy application only having to go in the office every 90 days. The powerful combination of chlorhexidine and thymol are given in a single application. The varnish dries clear without worry. Cervitec Plus also ensures quality dental work from the dentist at Brady Dental.

The benefits of using Cervitec Plus can prevent disease and treat patients suffering from orthodontic trouble and periodontitis. From the youngest pediatric patient to patients in their golden years, Brady Dental Group has set a goal to help everyone.

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