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Gold crowns are a technology that has existed for a long time—archaeologically speaking, as far back as 2700 years ago! Let’s just say the technology has come a long way since then, but this evidence is also an amazing testament to gold inserts as a long-lasting dental solution. The saying " gold is the gold standard for the mouth is still true to this day. 

Gold crowns are still an excellent choice for replacing decayed and damaged teeth today. Brady Dental of Amarillo has a variety of crown options available and is always ready to showcase our crowns in-office so that you can find the selection that will give you the perfect smile. For a durable and long-lasting crown (with just a little added bling), a gold molar might just be a perfect choice.

Do I Need a Dental Crown?

When a tooth becomes damaged or worn down by decay, a crown is often the right solution to restore the lost function of the old tooth. In order to perform this procedure, the old tooth is reshaped and then capped with a custom-molded artificial crown that snugly fills the gap where the old tooth resided.

Crown replacements provide some important benefits to your long-lasting smile:

  1. Removal of the decayed tooth is essential. Getting that rotten tooth tissue out of your mouth is something that you want to happen as soon as possible. Since bacterial tooth decay spreads like a weed, a decayed tooth can ultimately cause other issues like gum disease, and create the need for more invasive dental procedures such as root canals.
  2. Relieve discomfort. When you need a tooth replaced, your dental pain will be the first to tell you! The great news about crowns is that they are a proven fix for dental damage and decay that leaves patients in chronic or constant pain.
  3. Timely crown replacement preserves alignment. If you’ve had a tooth damaged by a traumatic impact, getting it replaced with a crown is an urgent matter, as teeth will start moving immediately into any gap that is created. A quick crown install will fill that space so that your other teeth will stay in their lane.
  4. Crowns restore your bite. Crowns are tough, long-term solutions that will give you a usable tooth once again. While different compositions of the crown have distinct traits and grades of durability, a gold crown is a particularly tough option that will have you chewing almost all of your favorite foods without limitation.
  5. Noninvasive procedure. As dentists, we understand that our reputation precedes us, and many patients will worry about how difficult or painful it could be to reshape and replace a tooth. You will be relieved to know that crowning a tooth has become a refined science at Brady Dental. Our friendly and gentle team of dental experts is adept and efficient when it comes to adding crowns. As we say in the Panhandle, this ain’t our first rodeo!
  6. Root Canal Therapy. When a root canal is needed on a posterior tooth a crown will also be needed. A root canal removes bacteria and the nerve of the tooth, when this procedure is done it can cause the tooth to become brittle. With this being the case a crown will be needed. Talk to our team at Brady Dental Group, for help to decide what crown material is best for you. 

When Considering Gold Crowns

No need to hedge against inflation by replacing all your molars—modern gold crowns are not made of literal gold!

They are a mixture of gold and other metals like chromium or nickel, or you can choose to have  a full gold crown made with the high noble gold. Pending on the type picked will depend on the laboratory fee associated with the crown.. This metal composition provides a tooth replacement that is highly durable and will have a particularly long lifespan when cared for properly, often in the range of 20-40 years. This makes gold crowns one of the longest lasting options available and an excellent molar choice where repeated chewing can cause more wear than with adjacent teeth.

While some patients may not want the mismatched aesthetic that comes with a gold crown, it is undeniable that metal crowns have had an enduring history in dentistry, and have proven themselves time and time again to provide all of the essential qualities of a reliable tooth replacement that will preserve your bite and smile.

What is the Process for Installing Crowns?

Assessing whether a dental crown is the right option is a three-stage process:

  1. Initial Consult - Your dentist will inspect the damaged or decayed tooth to identify if it has the structural integrity to host a crown. If the existing tooth is intact, we’ll take impressions to mold a custom crown just like it.
  2. Temporary Fitting - Your tooth will be carefully reshaped by the dentist, removing all decayed areas from the tooth.. A temporary crown will be installed to prevent the movement of other teeth and restore your ability to chew basic foods. Please follow your dentist’s care guidelines for your temporary crown.
  3. Crown Placement - Once your gold crown is ready, the temporary crown is removed, the tooth surface is prepared, and the permanent crown is installed.

How Do I Care for My Crown?

A few simple considerations are recommended in caring properly for your crown:

  • Brushing and flossing with your gold crown can go on as usual, just give extra attention so that fine floss does not become snagged on the edge of the crown molar. 
  • Avoid chewing intensely sticky foods like hard candies and suckers that could pull a crown loose from its adhesive moorings.
  • Routine checkups will allow your dentist to assess the crown and ensure that it does not become loose or otherwise compromised.

Restoring Your Smile

Brady Dental of Amarillo is passionate about giving you a beautiful smile and keeping healthy teeth while chewing, without the pain of tooth decay or damage! We have been Amarillo’s trusted gold crown specialists for over 40 years, and our entire team of dental professionals is dedicated to great care for your teeth and for YOU!

Today, we are proud to offer a variety of crown options that will fit your preferences in cosmetics and quality. Replacing a tooth may not be anyone’s first choice, but if life has left you with some lemons (of teeth), Brady Dental is here to restore your perfect smile with the professional and friendly care that can only belong to the Texas Panhandle. Call us today for a consultation and we’ll see if a dental crown can get your bite back in shape! (806) 353-6422