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Brady Dental offers dental crown procedures and services for people who experience tooth problems that require additional protection. There are many reasons why someone would need to get dental crowns, and Brady Dental will do a full evaluation prior to treatment to determine that a dental crown is the right solution. Dental crowns are a common method of tooth restoration, and the application process is simple. Dental crowns are a simple fix for damaged teeth and they don’t need special attention for after-care aside from regular dental hygiene. Brady Dental will ensure that a dental crown service is the correct fix for a tooth problem as well as help monitor the dental crown over the years when it’s time for dental check-ups.

Dental crown procedures are very common and are a great and simple solution when certain issues are causing problems for teeth. A tooth may be cracked and therefore become weakened. Sometimes after a root canal, the tooth can become weaker as well, so a dental crown can add extra protection to the tooth. Dental crowns can also be used for missing teeth, in which case an implant or a bridge can be put into the mouth to keep the dental crown in place. Brady Dental is highly experienced in finding the causes of the damaged tooth and will assess the need for applying dental crowns.

There are several different types of dental crown materials, but Brady Dental will ensure that the correct material is used as well as make the process simple. Some dental crowns are made of porcelain or ceramics, but can also be made with metals. Brady Dental will be able to know which material to use for the tooth depending on the condition of the existing tooth and also what the tooth is used for. The color of the dental crown can be determined by comparing it to existing teeth in order to give it a natural look to the smile. Preparing the tooth for a dental crown is an easy process that Brady Dental can handle quickly. Typically the existing tooth is reduced down to make space for the dental crown. If a temporary crown was placed over the natural tooth, it will be removed and then the permanent dental crown will be cemented onto the tooth.       

Dental crowns can last years, and sometimes even decades when taken care of properly. Brushing at least twice a day and regularly flossing, particularly around the base of the crown, can help prevent gum disease or tooth decay. Avoiding bad habits like nail-biting and teeth-grinding can help reduce the amount of wear on the dental crown. If there are any complications with the new dental crown, Brady Dental can fix the issue in a timely manner. In the rare case that a crown is chipped or increased sensitivity occurs, Brady Dental can offer solutions to fix these problems. Brady Dental can also offer other suggestions to extend the life of the dental crown as well. 

Brady Dental will take the time to see if a dental crown is the right choice to make when solving a tooth problem. They will perform x-rays and assess the risk of infection to ensure that a dental crown is the correct fix. The professionals at Brady Dental will do their best to make the dental crown process as comfortable and simple as possible. If there are any concerns or questions, Brady Dental can explain the entire dental crown procedure step by step. They will also explain the after-care process and will be happy to help if there are any issues after the dental crown service is completed. 

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