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It is incredible how dentistry has evolved over the past few years, especially with the inception of digital dental health scans. At Brady Dental in Amarillo, dental professionals can gain better insights into patients’ oral health with specialized technology. The scans can evaluate, diagnose, and  help in the treatment of dental issues.

Digital scanning in dentistry is facilitated by high-resolution screens that help give detailed real-time imagery. Since the scans give instant feedback, oral care practitioners at Brady Dental in Amarillo no longer have to wait for days to get stone models and casts poured up.

What is a Digital Dental Health Scan?

A digital dental health scan is a digital impression that gives a picture of the mouth. To create one, dental professionals with Brady Dental of Amarillo use laser and optical scanning devices. These devices capture both the mouth’s hard and soft tissues.

With these scans, dentists at Brady Dental of Amarillo no longer have to use limited molds and x-ray images to make critical oral health decisions. They have a better, more accurate view of the dentition in its entirety which allows them to produce the best restorative care possible. It is also possible to use the scans to develop more accurate dentures, snore guards, nightguards, Invisalign, crowns, and bridges.

How the Scans are Made and Taken

The digital dental health scan may comprise a series of photographs or videos with highly precise measurements. The dentists at Brady Dental Group use special software to create a useful digital map of the mouth and teeth. Since the health scans are instant, you can view them when consulting with your dentist.

To effectively take the digital scans, expect the dentists at Brady Dental Group first to isolate the particular tooth that requires restoration. The scanning will take up to two minutes as per the area of the mouth covered. Your dentist will then send the digital dental health scan to a lab to help in designing the restorative product or suggest an appropriate treatment.

What Can They Accomplish?

Digital dental health scans give a full impression of the teeth, allowing dentists to recommend the appropriate treatment. Besides helping with restorative care, they also come in handy in orthodontic treatment. At Brady Dental Group, our dentist can recommend items like crowns and bridges to make restorative care more efficient.

Some of the outcomes of using these digital scans include accurate high-definition imaging and visibility among patients. Other outcomes include the ability to identify cavities, increased procedure efficacy, and fewer goopy impressions. Dentists that use this technology record fewer appointments and high dental health care recovery rates.

How They Compare to Traditional Impressions

Using a scanner to take impressions for crown, bridges, dentures and partials is a much more comfortable experience compared to traditional impressions. Not only are scans more comfortable but they are also more accurate and they don’t require awful tasting goop to be placed in the patient’s mouth. So no more gagging! Scans also take less time to capture than traditional impressions and render more accurate data than impressions which leads to more accurate and predictable restorations.

Perks of Taking Digital Impressions

When used properly, digital dental health scans help boost efficiency and productivity. Other benefits of taking digital dental health scans include the following:

  • Improved quality of scans, improving precision of restorations.

  • Digital scans are a great alternative for patients struggling with conventional forms of impressions, particularly people with fear, anxiety, and strong gag reflexes.

  • Easier to store electronically to reduce physical storage space and improve record-keeping.

  • A great alternative to traditional scans known to result in few remakes.

  • Quick turnaround times since the scan will be immediately forwarded to the dental lab.

  • An eco-friendly way to treat dental health patients.

  • The dentist can magnify and evaluate a patient’s information to prevent mistakes from happening.

Summing up

Digital health scans and restorative scans at Brady Dental Group help facilitate a comfortable patient experience and accurate impressions. The scans are also transferable to a computer to help develop a dental restoration product, avoiding the need for a traditional plaster model.

For more information contact the dental professionals at Brady Dental Group.

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