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There are many things that can cause teeth to become less bright or change color. Brady Dental Group offers a teeth whitening service that can help brighten teeth and give their patients a sparkling smile. The custom made bleaching trays can be used at the patients convenience and discretion depending on the extent of discoloration they are wanting to improve. A few different types of discoloration may not be able to be treated with teeth whitening, but Brady Dental Group can assess the cause of teeth discoloration to determine if the teeth whitening process is going to be successful. Brady Dental Group can provide this service of teeth whitening and will make the process comfortable and safe for their patients.

Teeth can change color after exposure to certain chemicals that are consumed through chewing or drinking. Teeth can also darken over time due to the outer enamel wearing away or just becoming clear and exposing the yellow dentin of the teeth. The most common causes of staining can be from coffee and tea. Certain alcoholic beverages, like red wine, can also cause yellowing. However, staining from food and drinks isn’t the only cause that can discolor teeth. Acidic or sugary foods can also damage teeth by wearing away the enamel. Using tobacco like cigarettes and chewing tobacco can also stain teeth because they contain tar and nicotine. These products that are consumed regularly will stain teeth over time, but the teeth whitening process offered by Brady Dental Group can help. It’s important that patients notify their dentist of the different products that they consume so that they can get the correct type of teeth whitening. 

Teeth whitening is a simple process, but some causes of teeth discoloration may not be able to be fixed with a teeth whitening service. If the discoloration is severely dark or brown, it may be more difficult to achieve whiter teeth. The teeth whitening process can be done in the dental office or at home. In the dental office a type of bleach is applied to the teeth, and safety measures are made to ensure the safety of the patient. This process of teeth whitening is typically the most effective way to obtain a brighter smile. It’s also ideal because the dentist can check to see if the discoloration was caused by something other than staining, such as cracks in the enamel from grinding or trauma to the teeth. Brady Dental Group can also make recommendations for over-the-counter teeth whitening products, however they may not be as effective as the teeth whitening process that they can offer. 

Cleaning the surface of the teeth can also be done to achieve whiter teeth. Brady Dental Group will confirm the best route to giving their patients the best possible teeth whitening process. Teeth whitening often yields different results for different patients, so the dentist at Brady Dental Group will  communicate what expected results will look like. 

Trusting Brady Dental Group to perform this teeth whitening service is ideally the best process to achieve whiter teeth. Not only is it safer and more effective, it’s also good to have a dentist who can monitor teeth over time. Brady Dental Group can ensure that their patient’s teeth whitening service is not done too many times, which can help avoid any tooth sensitivity. Brady Dental Group also knows how to protect other parts of the mouth during the teeth whitening process. Reducing the risk of damage to the teeth while whitening them is the focus of Brady Dental Group for the teeth whitening service. Having a dentist that cares about the well-being of teeth while also providing a cosmetic service is important for anyone looking to brighten their smile with teeth whitening.

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