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When it comes to your daily oral hygiene, toothpaste is the primary product to use. You also need your toothbrush and floss to get rid of any food debris stuck in your teeth and to remove any plaque build-up on your gums and teeth. All of these products can be found at Brady Dental of Amarillo.

Toothpaste can be found in a variety of forms, including powder, gel, or paste at Brady Dental of Amarillo. Each of these forms will differ somewhat, however, the same general components are found in all of them.

General Components Found in Toothpaste

All forms of toothpaste will contain the same basic components which include a mild abrasive, which in toothpaste helps you to remove surface stains and debris stuck in your teeth. 

Flavoring agents in toothpaste do not contain sugar, however, they do help it to taste better and somewhat sweet. Most brands give their product a minty flavor to make brushing more enjoyable.

If you have noticed a foaming action when brushing your teeth, it comes from a detergent in your toothpaste that helps to spread the product throughout your whole mouth. Detergent is also a cleaning material for your teeth.

A humectant is an ingredient to prevent water loss and is added to toothpaste. This ingredient will keep your toothpaste from drying out. The thickening agents used in toothpaste are also called binders. The binders stabilize the toothpaste formula.

While all toothpaste products contain the same basic ingredients, they are not all the same. Some brands add additional ingredients to provide you with more benefits with a brushing routine. The professionals at Brady Dental of Amarillo can help you decide which toothpaste is best for you. 

Benefits From Toothpaste Ingredients

When you are choosing the type of toothpaste to use, keep in mind that if your smile needs a bit more sparkle, you may want to consider a toothpaste that offers whitening benefits. These brands have a special chemical in their ingredients that work as polishing agents and help you remove surface stains. Whitening toothpaste will remove stains better than standard toothpaste.

Several toothpaste brands contain an active ingredient to fight gingivitis and plaque buildup on your teeth. These brands will help you prevent gum disease and fight the disease when it is in an early stage.

Fluoride fights cavities and will help you strengthen your tooth enamel and fight tooth decay. When you use a toothpaste with fluoride it reduces your risk of tooth decay and is an ingredient you should look for in any toothpaste you choose.

A desensitizing toothpaste should be used if you suffer from sensitive teeth. These brands include a compound that reduces tooth sensitivity. They also tend to have a compound effect, meaning please use them for 6 weeks to notice the ultimate effect.

One other important factor to look for when choosing your toothpaste is that it contains the ADA Seal. Toothpaste brands with this seal ensure you are choosing a toothpaste that will provide you with the best dental needs. The ADA Seal also ensures you've chosen a brand that meets the criteria for effectiveness and safety. The experts at Brady Dental of Amarillo can assist you with the product that is best for you in the office.

Why Fluoride is So Important in Toothpaste

Fluoride has been proven to prevent cavity occurrence and tooth decay. Bacteria found in your mouth feed on the starches and sugars left in your mouth from the foods you eat and the beverages you drink. Fluoride will protect your teeth from acids that are released when this bacteria begins to feed on them.

Fluoride protects your teeth in a couple of ways. It will help to strengthen the enamel on your teeth and it will reverse the early stages of acid damage. It works by demineralizing the areas in your teeth that have begun to decay.

Using a toothpaste brand that lists fluoride in its ingredients ensures you are getting the benefits of this dental-important mineral. Even if you live in an area that states its water is fluoridated, you still want to use a toothpaste brand with fluoride to increase the concentration of this vital mineral for your teeth's protection.

Why Tartar Control is Important in Toothpaste

Many different brands of toothpaste offer tartar control. Plaque is a layer of bacteria found on your teeth and if not removed properly or promptly it will harden into tartar. This deposit will become hard to remove and build up on your teeth and gums resulting in gum disease.

Many toothpaste brands use a variety of ingredients to prevent the buildup of tartar. Some of these ingredients include chemical compounds such as zinc citrate and pyrophosphates which have proven effective in tartar control. Another ingredient is an antibiotic called triclosan which has proven effective in killing bacteria found in your mouth.

If you suffer from plaque buildup, you may want to choose a toothpaste brand that offers multiple anti-plaque agents to increase your tartar control even more effectively. The dentist at Brady Dental of Amarillo can help you choose the toothpaste that is right for you.

The most important ingredient for you to look for in toothpaste is fluoride. The other benefits offered by toothpaste brands will be your personal preference and what you are looking for to help make your smile brighter and more beautiful. There are many brands available offering various benefits, so you are able to try different ones to find the one that will help your teeth the most. Call Brady Dental of Amarillo today for expert advice on which toothpaste is right for you.

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