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Fluoride Treatment

You may already be aware of fluoride-containing toothpaste because of its anti-decaying ability. Fluoride treatments are essential for preventing cavities or limiting their spread in cavity-prone teeth. Many toothpaste brands add fluoride to their ingredients list for this reason.

The dental work will keep your teeth from decay, erosion, and cavities. However, if your teeth have a cavity infestation, regular brushing with ordinary toothpaste cannot keep the problem from spreading. Fluoride treatment is also an additive to use when having cancer treatments to the the head and neck area.  At Brady Dental of Amarillo, we are experts in fluoride treatments. A dental visit at our offices in Amarillo will do you good during such times. Please consult a professional before beginning fluoride treatments. 

What is Fluoride Treatment?

Fluoride treatment is a professional dental wash with a highly concentrated rinse, gel, foam, or varnish. Contrary to popular belief, fluoride treatment is not just for children. Adults can have this routine dental procedure too.

Fluoride is a mineral found naturally in rocks. It fights cavities by strengthening your enamel. When bacteria in your oral cavity break down the remaining food substance in your mouth, they produce an acid, which softens enamel, making it prone to decay. The teeth-weakening process is called demineralization.

Your saliva contains phosphate and calcium that help strengthen the enamel through remineralization. Tooth cavities form when demineralization is lower than remineralization. Fluoride boosts the remineralization process.

The Right Candidate for a Fluoride Treatment 

Ideal candidates for this treatment have moderate to severe cavities or are in the process of treating head and neck cancer. Some conditions increase a person's susceptibility to cavities. For instance, some medications or medical conditions reduce mouth saliva, creating a dry mouth. 

A dry mouth increases the risk of teeth and gum decay. The inner part of the teeth, known as the dentine, is less resistant to acids generated by food particle fermentation and bacteria action on the teeth. The dentine decay quickly when there is less saliva in the mouth.

Your gums begin to recede as you age, exposing your teeth's root surface. The root region is more soft and sensitive to acidity and bacteria action - thus, prone to developing cavities. 

Your susceptibility to cavities increases if you have had a restorative procedure done on your teeth. Dental crowns, bridges, and braces can reduce regular brushing and flossing efficiency, leaving you vulnerable to cavities.

If you do not brush your teeth regularly, food particles pile in your mouth, providing substrate for the oral bacteria. Your vulnerability to tooth decay goes up without a daily teeth cleaning routine. 

People who undergo treatment for head and neck cancer are also candidates for fluoride treatment. Radiation and chemotherapy can decrease saliva which increases dry mouth and with dry mouth that increases becoming cavity prone. 

What Happens During A Fluoride Treatment 

The dentist at Brady Dental of Amarillo applies the fluoride concentrate as a solution, gel, foam, gel, or varnish with a mouthwash, brush, swab, or tray. The application and rinse happen minutes apart because the fluoride in the treatment is much higher than the concentration in regular toothpaste.

The high fluoride concentration achieves the strengthening effect rapidly. You should abstain from food for about 30 minutes to enable the mineral to absorb in your teeth. Recommended treatment frequency depends on your level of tooth decay. You may get 2 to 3 fluoride treatments per year or we have an at home fluoride treatment. 

The at home fluoride treatment is an option that is most convenient for our adults and patients undergoing cancer treatments. With the at home trays for fluoride the process will start with an alginate impression of upper and lower arches. Custom trays will be made to aid in the process of keeping fluoride in the concentrated areas. The at home fluoride treatment is customizable to all patients and is a great option. Talk to your professionals at Brady Dental to find the need that fits you. 

The Benefits of Fluoride Treatment 

Fluoride treatments improve oral health, which, in turn, boosts other aspects of your physical well-being. 

Fluoride enables your teeth and body to absorb more calcium and phosphate to strengthen your teeth. It also gels with your teeth's structure, preventing future decay, erosion, and cavities.

Professional fluoride treatment reverses microcavities in teeth. Preventing cavity development is a much better solution because actual tooth decay requires a lot more dental work.

A professional fluoride treatment does not cause discoloration - it is a prescription strength or preventative measure against cavities. Too much fluoride causes fluorosis or teeth discoloration during their formation stage. It occurs in children if their mother drinks water with too much fluoride during pregnancy.

It prevents or delays the need for expensive and extensive dental work.

By preventing cavities, the fluoride treatment also thwarts gum disease, tooth pain, and premature tooth loss.

Call Us Today for Your Fluoride Treatment Dental Appointment in Amarillo

You do not have to wait until your teeth sensitivity or discomfort levels hit skyrocketing degrees to visit a dentist. By then, you will need more work to address the issue. Fluoride treatment is an effective intervention to reduce or prevent cavities. At Brady Dental of Amarillo, we have the resources and expertise to handle this treatment and leave you with strong, healthy teeth.

Only a certified dentist or hygienist can perform the treatment rather it is in office fluoride treatment or customized at home trays for fluoride. Be sure to talk with the professionals at Brady Dental Group to find which will best fit your needs. At-home remedies should be limited to regular brushing with fluoride-containing toothpaste.  Let us handle professional teeth cleaning for you and restore your smile and teeth functionality. Contact us today at Brady Dental of Amarillo to book an appointment for reliable and reputable services.

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