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Brady Dental knows the importance of dental hygiene for their patients. It’s important to make dental hygiene visits at least twice a year so that a dental hygienist can clean the teeth, and your dentist can monitor any issues. There are other things that patients can do at home to stay on top of their dental hygiene. In the case that dental hygiene is not being practiced certain oral issues can occur which in turn can cause pain and increase dental procedure costs for clients. Brady Dental will help their patients maintain healthy teeth and is always available to offer assistance in dental hygiene.

It is recommended that patients see their dentist for dental hygiene care at least twice a year. During these visits, Brady Dental will clean the teeth, examine for any issues, and offer suggestions for additional care at home. During the teeth cleaning, calculus is removed from the teeth and the mouth is examined for damaged teeth and cavities. During this dental hygiene check, the dentist will know if there are any problems with the teeth and can assess them. Some dental hygiene visits at the dentist may require additional services such as x-rays, but Brady Dental will ensure that their patients’ teeth are being monitored every visit. Dental hygiene check-ups are necessary to prevent dental issues such as disease and tooth decay.

Once the dental hygiene check-up is complete, Brady Dental will recommend any other dental care that may be needed. They may schedule a follow-up appointment to monitor any existing issues or perform additional services. They can also make recommendations such as additional flossing to prevent disease or decay. If a patient is having a dental issue that can be solved with increased dental hygiene, Brady Dental can offer the support and advice needed to prevent the issue from getting worse. They can suggest certain products to use, such as toothpaste and mouthwash, so that their patients are doing their best at maintaining their dental hygiene at home. Brady Dental will also be able to examine other parts of the mouth, like the tongue and gums, during a dental hygiene visit to make sure that they aren’t showing signs of other dental problems.

When patients don’t see their dentist regularly, they are at higher risk for developing dental issues. The dental hygiene check-ups can detect oral issues prior to the event that they become a painful and expensive issue for the patient. Brady Dental can check the entire mouth during a dental hygiene visit to detect any signs of serious oral conditions. These dental hygiene visits can prevent future costly dental procedures that could have been easily avoided. Gum disease can be prevented by regularly seeing the dentist for dental hygiene check-ups as well. If anything looks out of normal, Brady Dental can also recommend oral cancer screenings. Many of these issues are difficult to detect during normal teeth-brushing and flossing, so trusting Brady Dental to perform dental hygiene check-ups can help avoid future oral issues.

Twice yearly dental hygiene services are more than necessary for those who want to keep their teeth and avoid costly dental procedures as long as possible. Brady Dental will be more than happy to perform dental hygiene procedures twice a year for their patients. Not only will they perform dental cleanings, but they will also track and monitor any potential problems that can arise in the future. Brady Dental will be available to answer any questions regarding dental hygiene care as well as recommend certain products to upgrade the level of at-home dental hygiene care. Trusting Brady Dental to perform these necessary dental hygiene services will help keep their clients’ teeth happy and healthy as well as avoid decay and tooth loss. 

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