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Visiting a dentist can be stressful and intimidating.  Brady Dental can help alleviate that feeling.  If you are having tooth sensitivity or pain, an oral exam or x-ray may be needed to identify if you have a cavity that needs to be filled. 

A dental restoration or dental filling is a treatment to restore the function and integrity of a missing tooth structure. The process of getting a filling is simple and straightforward at Brady Dental.

The dentists at Brady Dental can help determine if a filling will solve your dental problems, but some symptoms and signs can alert you if there is a bigger problem with your teeth. Some of the signs include sharp or throbbing pain in your tooth, a dark spot or hole in the tooth, your tooth develops a rough surface, the tooth area becomes sensitive, your tooth hurts when biting down on food, or food continuously gets stuck in a tooth.

If a cavity is left untreated, it can turn into a much bigger dental problem. Having routine dental exams will reveal the health of your teeth, and alert your dentist at Brady Dental what treatment is necessary, whether it be teeth fillings or other forms of dental care.

The first step in the dental filling procedure is to inspect the teeth to decide upon the best course of action for the patient. A dental filling is best suited for minor fractures and decay; for more severe cases other types of restorative dental treatment, such as a dental crown or implant, may be necessary.  

Getting a filling does not hurt at all.  In fact, you can eliminate the pain from a decaying tooth, with the dentist's help, by getting a filling. Dentists use a drill and remove the decayed material from your tooth.  Then the dentist fills your tooth with a substance to restore the integrity of the tooth and start you on your way to a healthier mouth.  

There are several dental filling materials available.  These types of filling include composite fillings *tooth-colored), glass ionomer (tooth colored), gold inlays and onlays (gold colored), and porcelain inlays (tooth colored).Composite fillings are tooth colored and are made from powdered glass quartz, silica, or other ceramic particles added to a resin base.  After the tooth is prepared, the filling is bonded onto the area and a ultraviolet light is shone onto it to set it.  The dentist will choose a shade to match your own teeth, although over time staining can happen.

Another type of filling is glass ionomer. Glass ionomer fillings form a chemical link with the tooth and may also release fluoride, which helps to prevent further tooth decay and slow down the decay process. This type of filling is usually used on baby teeth and ‘non-biting’ surfaces such as around the ‘necks’ of teeth, but can be used on other areas pending the patient's needs.

Gold inlays and on lays can be used in most areas of the mouth and have a lot of strength for tooth filling.  An inlay is small and placed on the biting surface of the tooth.  An onlay can cover a larger area.  Gold is the most long-lasting and hard-wearing filling material and will last for many years.  It does not tarnish or stain. It is usually made in a laboratory after your dentist takes an impression of the prepared tooth. A temporary filling is placed in the cavity while you wait for it to be made. The dentist at Brady Dental will fix the filling in place with dental cement.

Porcelain inlay fillings require one to two visits to your dentist. The dentist uses digital technology (CADCAM)  to design and prepare perfectly fitted porcelain inlays. These fillings can be hard-wearing and long-lasting.  Porcelain inlays can be colored to match your natural tooth and can be quite expensive.

A dental filling can help to even out the surface of the tooth and improve jaw function for biting and chewing. Tooth sensitivity due to loss of enamel can be improved significantly with a dental filling. When the procedure is complete, it is important for you to spend time with your dentist to discuss how decay can be prevented from forming underneath or near the filling and the surrounding teeth.

If you suspect you need a filling, call Brady Dental today for an appointment. You will be glad you did.

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